Power packed Salad!

Today, I will share protein power salad! Its a mixture of red kidney beans(rajma), tomato, onion, lettuce !This salad helps to induce satiety and keeps you from mindless munching. Following are the health benefits: regulates blood sugar sustains weight loss strengthen bones Recipe : 1 1/2 cups boiled red rajma (red kidney beans) 1 choppedContinue reading “Power packed Salad!”

Energy Drink!

One of my favourite juices: beetroot, carrot and apple. Extremely easy to make and full of energy. Amazing health benefits as follows: Improves stamina Moisturises dry skin Prevents signs of Ageing Reduces inflammation Controls diabetes Recipe: 4 carrots chopped 1 boiled beetroot chopped 1 apple chopped crushed ice {optional} Juice all the ingredients and mostContinue reading “Energy Drink!”

Tea time with roasted seed mix

It’s tea time and I am bored of having cakes, cookies as combo with it. So thought of having something healthy and light ! Roasted Seed mix ! It’s a mixture of Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Flax Seeds, Muskmelon and some edible salt. Green pumpkin seeds are rich in anti oxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium andContinue reading “Tea time with roasted seed mix”