Botanic Beauty – Basil

Basil  is one of the members of mint family. It’s a great leafy herb that originates in Asia and Africa. The best growth of this herb is in hot and dry weather.

A million pixels present fresh basil from my garden 🍃

Used for garnishing, making delicious tomato-basil soup and my personal favourite  -Pesto sauce! Chopped leaves can be sprinkled over the salads.

Pro tip – don’t chop the leaves but tear them for better flavour and aroma 😉
This amazing herb’s nutrients provides health benefits such as good digestion and anti inflammatory.

Hope this post is beneficial for anyone who pops by.

Stay safe and healthy  🙂

Published by Shilpa Aggarwal

I Love to pray god, fun time with my kids, travelling is my passion, reading on Nutrition and health, try new kinds of food, watch all sorts of movies!

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