The Six Tastes











What is Taste?

According to dictionary, the sensation of flavour perceived  in the mouth and throat on contact with a substance.

According to Ayurvedic wisdom, the sense of taste is a natural guide map towards proper Nutrition.

The six tastes of food:  Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent.

Categorisation of  all foods with these 6 tastes. These six tastes are unique and naturally guide us towards body’s nutritional needs.

Taste Primary Actions Common Sources
Builds tissues, calms nerves
Fruit, grains, natural sugars, milk
Cleanses tissues, increases absorption of minerals
Sour fruits, yogurt, fermented foods
Improves taste to food, lubricates tissues, stimulates digestion
Natural salts, sea vegetables
Detoxifies and lightens tissues
Dark leafy greens, herbs and spices
Stimulates digestion and metabolism
Chili peppers, garlic, herbs and spices
Absorbs water, tightens tissues, dries fats
Legumes, raw fruits and vegetables,

Hope you will enjoy reading it!

Stay safe and healthy!

Published by Shilpa Aggarwal

I Love to pray god, fun time with my kids, travelling is my passion, reading on Nutrition and health, try new kinds of food, watch all sorts of movies!

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