Cool Cucumber


Cucumber is loaded with only 45 calories, they are great for a flat stomach. This is because cucumber contains 96% water content, which doesn’t give you a bloating stomach. It is a good source to keep our physical and mental body COOL.

Several health benefits of eating cucumber:

1.Cucumber has high Nutritional value

2.It contains antioxidants

3.It promotes hydration

4.It helps in weight loss

5.It is easy to add to your diet

It’s true Cucumbers always feel cool, green and fresh even in hot conditions. But the sense of the word means self-confident and calm. Source:

Stay healthy and safe 😊

Published by Shilpa Aggarwal

I Love to pray god, fun time with my kids, travelling is my passion, reading on Nutrition and health, try new kinds of food, watch all sorts of movies!

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